Vesak around Colombo.

“Vesak” , I remember few years back , may be five years I was stuck on the massive traffic on Vesak day at Peliyagoda, even after hours we wasn’t moving even kilometer. I don’t know the amount of people who came to feel the vesak joy those days but I’m sure it was pretty much.

But yesterday it wasn’t the same thing as before, with some colleagues I was in the roads on Rosmead place around 9 pm to feel the joy of the vesak, but Rosmead seems like don’t have a clue about “Vesak”, other than few lanterns and fancy bulbs I couldn’t find anything eye catching that can call as Vesak celebrations.

With a slow walking we reach to town hall, thing was much better there, well at least let’s say that. There was some good lanterns inside the town hall, but I doubt that there were more lanterns than the people who watching them, yeah it was almost empty! On Vesak day night!!

And with the dreams of “Dansal” rice we had Naan and “Buriyani” from rahumania, usual diet even in special vesak day , well can’t blame, because there wasn’t any “Bath Dansal” around as we expected.

From the boring Townhall we moved on the Gangarama, hoping for a better view, Tragedy!

Vesak zone of Gangarama is closed on vesak day.

Thanks to nice lighting items on Gangrama and massive crowd at least able to survive the “Vesak feeling” but almost all the lanterns and “thorans” wasn’t operating!

With the disappointing feeling we came back to office around  midnight,

One thing I figured was maybe people not interested on vesak as they used to be or Economics crises has also stolen that from peoples heart.