A moment about Social Media at a round table

Having a discussion about Social Media with some folks who are addicted to SM as much as or more than me ? Sounds cool ha ?

Pix by US Embassy Sri Lanka 

Recently I had that opportunity. US embassy in Colombo arranged a meeting with some of the leading social media activists, and of course with their “interesting” representative  Michael Hankey, the Head of Social Media Outreach at South & Central Asian Affairs Bureau of US State Dept last Friday at the US embassy.

Tweeps who attendant to this little discussion table were  @indunan @Xelene @Milindat @Aye5ha @ChristinaSyms @Udaraumd @NimanthieA  @moawesomesauce @mhmhisham@Sarathsc @NotJagath @Nazly @SueKiri and me of course.

Mentioning the content of this discussion is not important here because a detailed blog entry on that can be found on @SueKiri blog.


Out of the important content we discussed there I would like to mention  an important fact here about our meetup.

Listening to Hankey speech( not exactly a speech, it was more of a friendly talk) made me realize that as Social Media activists we can do much more in SL than we have done already.

For example, Hankey was giving us an idea about citizen journalism and how we can make a valuable and important contribution on this matter. Also, we may not be able to make a direct effect on anything, yet we can make others realize about anything by making a sound via SM. Isn’t that worth a try, to do something than to do nothing ?

That was only one idea that went to my mind, may be others got much more ideas on this. I would like to drop their idea here and let’s make something useful ? 🙂

If i did not mention my regards to @USEmbSL here , that would be ungrateful, so thanks අ lot for inviting us to a such an event and hope to see much more in the future.