Welikada riot from my eyes!

No doubt, it was exciting! this was my first protest/clash covering so i couldn’t do very much of a job.

however we manage to reach magazine prison by 11.45, which was 15 minute late from the beginning of the riot, black smoke was all over the sky. first i thought it was a blast but i was wrong.

it was the smoke that coming from burning some documents inside the prison, yeah as what i heard by then inmates had total control over prison, yeah without any security guard!

these conditions was quite peaceful until military person decide to use tear gas to handle prisons , which made things worse.

they start throwing Tear gas toward inmates and you can guess their immediate reaction ?

they took them and shoot them back to soldiers and media. yeah for the first time i suffered from tear gas in my life and i assure it wasn’t pleasant.

thankful to the person who lived nearby we got some free water which help to clear our eyes.

after the crisis of tear gas we went back to clash zone. things was worse now, police decided to use gun power against inmate which made 20+ shot prisoners (not dead)

Pix by Sanka Vidanagama

after 3-4 hours status of the prison was much calmer, police manage to shift most of the prisoners and injured people away.

well yeah this was my 1st experiences on a clash like that. (: