Independence and people’s thoughts

As for a experiences last Friday (3rd) we decided to go around Colombo and do a video on what people think about Independence day. well this was very quick thought from my friend and it was the time i just landed to office.

however suggestion was confirmed and we was out on the road by 4.30 P.M with a Canon video cam , recorder and a Nikon D300. yeah lot of gadgets.

We roamed around Colombo to find some people and talk with them, 1st we met a lady at Thibirigasyaya area who was waiting for a bus , well 1st try was succeeded. She agree to tell what she think about Independence day, yeah as I thought she is nothing more than me. She has no special idea other than random thoughts about Independence.

Moving from there we went around Colpety, we choose some pretty girls to ask the ideas about independence but outcome was really bad. They were that much evil to ran away for our “Excuse me” call, geez do we looks like devils ? o.O

Next stop was Colpety beach, Yeah we tried some random Teenageers/youth guys from there, amazingly they had so much of fear to expose their faces to camera, well may be they have some criminal records .. sigh

However we didn’t gave up. We manage to talk with some police officers and Random middle age guy which had the same kind of ideas like earlier lady.

Like this we waved to Galle face, I’m happy at least I able to get some decent photos from there. And well on our assignments we talked with some sellers, they had much better ideas than educated others who we talked earlier.

However I still appreciate the last comment we got, it was a beggar from Galleface and we asked what he think about Independences day.

There was only one comment,

“මහත්තයා නිදහස නම් හොදයි, ඒත් නිදහස දීපු කෙනා ඇතුලෙනෙ”

( Sir, Good that we have a freedom, worst part is the person who lead us to freedom is inside bars! “

And last the video we came out can be found here!

via Ceylon Today