Surviving through CHOGM as a random person.

CHOGM wave hits Sri Lanka few days back and let me tell you as a normal person it surviving through it while living in Colombo is not the happiest thing to do.When someone say CHOGM first thing comes to your mind is Traffic. Roads from Katunayake to Colombo closed down whenever our Government feel like doing just to make sure the safety of these important delegates. Flying 10+ security vehicles and 50+ security personals in the closed roads with “One” delegate to ensure his/her safety. Ah yeah to see beautiful Sri Lankan sea view while traveling in E03 highway,Of course they can’t see anything else than beauty because all the other “Stuff” being covered by walls. May be it never hits these delegates mind why some areas being covered with these giant walls ? Oh may be they also just like us who here to do their job and get away from this 3rd world country ( Or so-called paradise/Miracle of the Asia)


Daily travel through Katunayake to Colombo made me notice enormous nos of flags displayed in the side lines of roads.Well not only in the Highway that delegates travel also in the normal Negombo-Colombo bus route.But hey why complain its to raise the #CHOGM spirit eh?

When reaching to Japan-Sri lanka friendship bridge (Aluth Palama) usually it packed with traffic these days and this traffic is unpredictable.Why? Because you never know when the road going to be close. So best option i had these days was get in to a highway bus and sleep until you reach to Colombo.Make you away from getting heat up by looking at CHOGM drama.


Before finishing this writeup i must mention my office Lane – Rosmead place which supposedly the hotel that all hail prince Charles gonna stay.Two days before his arrival road was full with cops and all sort of security personal.Seems like government don’t care about residence life style there? (Or its a stupid question to ask when considering what’s going on)


Apart from wasting Peoples tax money on useless fireworks,Fake development to wasting Peoples time by road closing to all sort of thing i hope CHOGM will bring in something for this country.