Amanda todd and her story!

Amanda Todd,

Was one name that gone through internet like a fire through out last week.Most of the people saw one side of the story from the video she released. In that she was expressing her self about the pain and bulling she went through, you can see this video below.

After someone watch this video instant reaction will be sad and anger for those people who bullied her.But its what she saying.. after the heat went off some new views of the story came up.

And one point was this.

Personally i don’t know how true this message is but it leave us something to think about.

It’s not going to over from that, today (18) vancouversun. and its says another side of this story.

But there is more than that to the video, I think, and it is that “more” that I felt propelled the Amanda Todd story.

What to call it? A morbid fascination? A weird but all too human type of voyeurism? Here was real tragedy and pathos for the eye to see — not to be imagined in the mind’s eye, as in a novel or in the dry account of a newspaper article, but onscreen. With the click of the enter key, one could watch a tortured young girl foreshadow her death on the very thing that caused her so much grief. How many of the millions of viewers of Amanda’s video saw the awful irony in that, that the virtual world had become both her outlet and her prison?

so you decide ?