What i left from New year eve ?


End of the last year was on my best 31st night experience ever, well yeah i almost can say it. My social life most of the time burden in to cyber life so i hardly use to celebrate 31st night, anyway celebrating 31st alone can’t count as celebrating!

However this time things got kind of changed, i hooked up with a failed party plan to celebrate new year eve on coco veranda . the reason why i called it as failed plan because some tweeps including me tried to organize a event to celebrate new year eve which we couldn’t succeed due to low participant, yet some one plan still did worked like somehow few tweeps able to go coco veranda in the evening and gather up.

Well yeah as anyone can guess this event rich with booze and fun!.typically people who do not addict to cyber space may see this as a ridiculous event but for people like me , yeah it is been something socialized which made one of my best new year experience (:

Well journey did not end from coco, i had to say good bye to coco around 10 because i had some more plans with other friends, (which i like to mention but i can’t due to their privacy issues ) 😀 , yeah that plan majorly sucked because plans was go to excel world and have some fun time which was screwed , reason for early disappointment in that was Excel world did not knew that new year eve are suppose to celebrate at midnight! organizers of excel world events  finished those around 10pm! how lame ?

so yeah basically that plan went away! yet alcohol booze made the rest of the time . Lime gin was good and drinking with ladies is always good 😛


around midnight we went to Mount lavina beach to feel the beauty of new year and yeah we kind of did! The fireworks from mount lavinia hotel was amazing! Alcohol , sea breeze and Fireworks made my new year!

the latter part was blurry as always, well yeah worst part of being alcoholic , i do remember some and i some i don’t , still I’m not complaining because This is one of the best experience 😀

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