Unpopular Opinion: Why I despise Avurudu

Journal of an Eccentric

Another Avurudu has come and gone, and with it, a number of “relatives”, an unquenchable tiredness and a sense of impending doom. Don’t get me wrong. As a child, I loved the season. I faithfully followed all customs and threatened ayya with bodily harm if he so much as nibbled at a kokis before the nakath time. I was up at 1am, welcoming avurudu; I was up at 8pm welcoming avurudu.

But since of late, I have started to see the hollowness there is to this festival. You spend days upon days cleaning the house, making sweetmeats (if one does that anymore. Most of the people I know are only too happy to drop into the supermarket and buy them on the 12th), and tiring self out. Then on the actual day itself, you starve yourself (hello, gastritis!) and then binge eat on oil and sugar. And then, the cherry…

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One comment on “Unpopular Opinion: Why I despise Avurudu

  1. I use the time to relax. It’s taken as a holiday. I outsource the hard tasks like making sugary stuff, but meet relatives and have relaxed time. I used to have same negative feelings, but there are some relaxing aspects too. I mean, when you are confronted by relatives, you are surely getting a different perspective in life. And that is precious. It has become a welcome break for crazy work life I am rat racing.

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