Because I don’t know what else to do…

Starting to write this entry because I’m trying to understand what else to do, In one night while I’m scrolling  through so-called so connected social media channels I see this image.




Tsk Then I start to think, what the hell we doing. What the hell all the human beings doing. From the day we born we’ve been  trained to achieve something, Something related to our profession. To be a man someday world will recognize as someone decent which measured by money, position etc etc, but why?


It’s not like you gonna live forever. It’s not like working is the best thing that makes you happy in your life but still we are bound to do so, we are bound to the system and we don’t have an escape from it. Happiness is something we have forgotten forcefully to achieve these systematical positions, If life was much more simple wouldn’t we be happier?


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