Change Makers!

“ChangeMakers” , it was the title we came up for our newest project on Stitch. After a long long day full with activities in the midnight while trying to sleep on a bunker bed i felt like writing about this “Change Makers”

Stitch The Exchange Project is a project initiated during end of last year. Here I’m really not going to tell you lot about what this project about, If you click on that link you can find more about The Exchange Project. 

This is the third night I’m spending here at Camp 100 Mundal while helping stitch team to organize this project and it wasn’t comfortable experience. Long long train rides, bus rides , staying away from your home, well mostly sleeping on my bed and junk food items in the city ( At least Kottu) is not easy. But genuinely I can say that it worth the trouble.

Trying to mingle different cultural backgrounds together is new experience to me. And it’s not an easy task as it sound. Obstacles coming through our ways is new and challenging. Language is an obstacle. Culture is an obstacle. But overcoming all these problems we manage to mingle with them so far, but hey long days are not over yet. So many interesting and challenging days to come up with project and I hope our team can go through all these hardships to achieve the target of this project.

Well I think it’s better to sleep now. Tomorrow early morning sessions starting up. Wish us best of luck 🙂




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