I remember how it was during New year…

I live in a village, we still take water from our well, we still use our well to drink water, wash cloths and have a bath. We still take some stuffs to cook from our garden, we grow plants, for fun and for our day to day meal. But We don’t have the beauty of Sinhala and Tamil new year we used to have few years back.. not anymore.


I remember 10 years back , end of the march is the period for bird singing, I remember every morning when I woke up I can hear the song of cuckoo. I remember watching blooming flowers in my garden, cashew trees with full of cashew and squirrels who compete with each other.

Not to forget the smell of sweets my neighbors used to make for New year. Every house was getting ready to celebrate new year, not only by cooking sweets but cleaning houses, painting them with various colours.


I remember how i used to bother my father to get some fire crackers for New year, I remember how much he insisted saying I would hurt my self but in the end he will buy me some. I remember my two cousin brothers who always come during the new year period to play with me. I remember endless fights with them for silly reasons like dividing cashew-nuts during April.


April… Used to be a month full with happiness, laughter all around me. Happy faces, even though they are rich of poor. New year was spring for everyone and everything..

But it’s been a while now.. Things have changed, even in the village. Kids who bother their parents to buy fire crackers is a rare scene now. No one bothered any more on making various type of Sweets anymore. The unique smell that used to come from houses during New year time is not there anymore.


Life changed, Village changed and simple happiness people used to have during new year time changed…


One comment on “I remember how it was during New year…

  1. Reblogged this on Foamy Waves & Sea Breeze and commented:
    No one has the time any more to celebrate ‘avurudu’ in all its glory. The mouthwatering sweetmeats are bought from the store and the ‘raban pada’ and ‘jana gee’ are only heard from the tv and radio.

    Let us hope and pray that the traditions of the ‘maha soorya mangalyaya’ do not vanish from our memories and practice altogether and that our children too will be fortunate enough to witness this spectacle of unity, harmony and togetherness which is ‘avurudu’.

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