Fooling everyone except for commuters (Highway bus economy part 2)

I was so excited when the bus service starts at Katunayake- Colombo Highway. Too much excited that  I end up writing a blog post about Highway bus journey. After continuously traveling for few month i felt like that post should be upgraded, because the situation on the highway drama is completely different from it was several months back!

Soon after Government starting running their new posh volvo buses in the highway Private intercity bus owners income went down like an arrow. In the end they wants to approach highway also, and they did! for a lower cost! While CTB bus chargers being Rs 130 Private AC buses start running on the highway for Rs 110/. First few days it was very neat. Conductors and drivers with uniforms , bus departure on time. With passengers or without passengers. But with the miracle of the Asia this only exists only for a week.

Private bus became usual private buses, In highway they take passengers in the foot board in intercity Rosa buses and of course door closed. I think our dear police officers don’t notice these or they actually do but don’t give a fuck ? Well i don’t know! But fine we all knew private buses had this history for long time in this miracle island. But soon after second miracle happen. CTB buses start talking standing passengers in highway buses, that also without tickets!! And i believe our officers don’t notice this also! This continues for months and non of the drivers or conductors give a fuck about their safety or passengers safety neither commuters care!

But who am i to complain?  Just a random bus commuter!

And suddenly week ago CTB buses change their bus fare to Rs 75! Lower than normal intercity bus. Everyone was like Whaaat the fuck.. even while i was working as journalist i always knew price hike is inevitable in Sri Lanka, public or private transport service it happens. And we understand. But reduce the price from 55 rupees! Well someone might say hey Miracle is happening in Sri Lanka. Too good to be true! but it did happen…

Next day when I’m watching TV i saw almost every government television channel shout out price reduce in Highway buses. It’s ok,  It’s ok to talk about it because they actually did it!

And after a lazy weekend at home I’m back in the road. Usual work trip for Colombo. I walk to Airport and get in to Highway bus and here Price is again back to Rs 130!! and reason? is nothing! Non of the  conductors know why price being increased again.

But no one shout in the Television again saying they changed the price again to normal amount. All the people in country except for the people who travel in highway public transport think that prices being reduced! That also from Rs 55/ But no one knows that miracle only exist for one week!


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