What are we missing as Humans ?

“Grandpass ” , the major topic Colombo city worries about now. The topic I can see on every Social Media network, where Buddhists threaten  Muslims and where Muslims blame Buddhists.  Before writing anything i would rather say this directly, I am neither a Buddhist nor a Muslim, and I don’t care how you judge me on my opinion regarding this 🙂

Pic By Sanka Vidanagama

Pix By Sanka Vidanagama

This was the pictures that concerned me. Why one religious party should have a problem like this? If they can live in harmony for all this time, is it really worthwhile to make a “War-zone” at Grandpass out of this?

Only a week ago, majority of non-Muslim people including Buddhists, were happy about Ramazan. Why ? Because they were getting “Watalappam” from their Muslim friends. And today, how many of the same Buddhist people criticizes  Muslims regarding this Grandpass incident? It’s as if they have been enemies for centuries! Did you forget that you were friendly enough to share food only a week before?

After reading till this point, if you think I’m blaming Buddhists regarding this, well you are wrong.!

While i was staring at my twitter timeline today evening I saw this tweet from a friend,

I’m sure he is a faithful Muslim, but he pointed out one thing that most of us can’t see when we look at this incident in a religious point of view.  Yes, we are having a shortage of Harmony in Sri Lanka, because people don’t analyze the problem in a humanitarian prospective; they analyze it from a religious eye.

After paying attention to Twitter I learnt one thing: expressing Your Idea in “Human” Perspective is subjective to heavy criticism. Some people were arguing if law enforcement can’t control the situation , ganging up, increasing the man power of two sides and fighting like animals would solve it. Get out from your religious attitude for a second and look at the incident as a Human. Would it solve the problem? It doesn’t look likely for me. But hey I don’t know. I’m just an amateur , you are grown ups, educated than me, I just think peace is better than war.

We had too many frustrated years filled with fear because of one war, who needs it again ? You? No i don’t think so…


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