Illusion and reality

“God” is one person i would telling “fuck off” without thinking twice, why ? if u asking me the question why ? ! affect of my basic answer  will be variably change from person to person.

Yeah according the way that person have the image of “God” ,

Recently i had a interesting conversation with one of my Muslim friend, i just asked about begging of Islam religious,

in the end of conversation one point that came up was “Jesus” was a messenger of “Allah” and in the christian history, the furthest point they have until this messenger only, but in islamic history “story” flow on.

My basic question from my friend was ” If jesus is a messenger , how could Christianity and Islam be two different religious ? because messenger and author should have the same  “Content”!

Still i have this problem open..

coming back to topic, i have friends in almost every religious, as friends they are so good , no doubt on that, but my curiosity flow on when i analyse there actions based on religious views i have so many problematic situations like that.

More on that, on the poya day i heard one of my friends refusing eating meat, which made me wonder what is the different? according to buddist concept i never heard that Budda said that buddists can eat meat on normal days except poya days, so from ideas like that coming ? they are not in the buddist history neither on any other source, and as a buddist students i believe non of the teachers do teach a concept like that!

Adding to that i have so many doubts on “Halal” concept, basically any human who have a brain can understand killing a animal and eating is a normal process, what  i do not understand is how “Halal” concept that make a deference on the killing process, if u was the animal that getting killed would u want to die on a Halal process instead of a normal process ? would that make any different ?

According to what i see “Religious” make illusions on human mind ( I would not call it brain because brain should be able to recognize such things) , the problems is even after clearly understating the fact of these illusions human still not able to understand the reality!


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